Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I will be perfectly candid and say that I did not find inspiration through a person. Because this is my first music blog I should probably explain a little background and what made me music possessed.

I'm a strong believer of childhood experiences. My memories aren't playing dress up with friends and playing pretend "Disney Princess". I remember sitting in my room with a notebook, pencil, a walkman (remember those?) and a bunch of CDs. I remember waking up one day at the age of 8 and becoming solely obsessed with music and what it had to offer me. And what that gave me has been life changing, I saw music as education. Music gave me the power to let my mind wander, I took whatever the lead singer had to say to heart and carried it with me everyday. Music let me dream, let me create and let me feel.

Growing up, my weekly "wish list" at home was usually a new CD. Growing up also had its downsides, as I got older becoming popular and fitting in was a must. I was a big people pleaser and wanted to be desperately liked by all of my peers. But what that meant was leaving behind my interests because they didn't fit into the norm. I felt like two separate people everyday, I was the Sheila everyone would like in person and then at home I was THE Sheila, me, naked soul, open, out there, and weird at times.

The Verve's final album changed my life! Yes, I'm dramatic but no this isn't me being dramatic. It's not everyday I walked into a Walmart and saw a life changing album laying on the floor with pretty legit clouds on the cover screaming "GET ME" in my head.  I would love to elaborate on every song in that album but that'll come at a later time. That album led me to believe that if something could make you feel THAT intensely about life- there's a reason.

Now this is ALL about music. But I'm going to be talking about a huge inspiration in my life and that's
Lester FUCKING Bangs.

Lester Bangs, wrote for Creem and Rolling Stone magazine. Basically he's one of the BEST rock critics out there. Why does that fool inspire me? He was blunt, he was real, when that man felt something he said it exactly how he felt. That's what music needs now in my opinion. I'm sick and tired of seeing the music of today becoming popular just because the beat makes you dance, I hate seeing zero authenticity with these new artists. Are most new uprising artists talented? Sure. Will they become popular? Of course. But at the end of the day will that specific track change you? Will that artist get into your soul? Will you think far beyond a "this sounds cool" comment? Personally, music was made to change you, to make you think deeper.

This Lester Bang's quote says it all:
“Rock 'n' roll is an attitude, it's not a musical form of a strict sort. It's a way of doing things, of approaching things. Writing can be rock 'n' roll, or a movie can be rock 'n' roll. It's a way of living your life.” 
 Lester Bangs

My goal? I want this blog to be that weird blog that you come across but deep down in your soul you know you agree with. Music has become such a mainstream popularity contest it's absurd. I want music to go back to what it was years ago. Tough thing to dream about in today's world huh? But when I leave this earth one day that's how I want to be remembered; as the girl who WOULD NEVER give up on the power of music and keeping it alive! And that's the point of my blog, it's for those that need that small push of inspiration, I want people to feel again BUT REALLY feel.

So when I write and when you read the rest of my blogs from now on, my foundation to start all those blogs and the root of all of those topics, people, and albums all come back to this very FIRST blog I first wrote.

My root to music is this.

Enjoy \m/

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