Monday, April 21, 2014

Jeff Buckley:Grace

51 minutes and 19 seconds of intensity.
51 minutes and 19 seconds of heartache.
51 minutes and 19 seconds of something so painfully rare & that I can't shake off.. I had to blog about this album.

The album "Grace" by Jeff Buckley has been my soundtrack this past week. Here are a couple reasons why:
1) This album and his words are showing me that it's okay to feel pain, it's okay to let that shit out even if you look weak. Chances are what the artist is saying PROBABLY stirs something in your soul that makes that album 10 times more meaningful.

2) That man sings out his pain. I'm a huge fan of Kurt Cobain and one of the things that I always say about him is that you can FEEL that hurt in his songs. That's what attracted me to Buckley, his pain, loneliness and heartbreak bleeds through my earphones. Its raw and true. When tears build up in your eyes- you know that's magic. Who the hell can ask for more?

3) His words. I'm big on words. Words say it all. Jeff Buckley's words are epic. They are his diary, it's history and his interesting past all in one. They're full of angst but you can see his deep yearning for love and affection through that angst. It's undeniable that when you read his lyrics and even try reading them while hearing the song you can hear the emphasis of that song in specific lines. There are a line or two that I would use to perfectly describe Grace.

In the song "Lover, You Should've Come Over" the line "And maybe I'm too young to keep good love from going wrong. But tonight you're on my mind so you never know." and then in the song "Eternal Life" I had a hard time picking just one line to use so I decided to write about two that I would use to describe his work. "And your fantasies are broken in two.. did you really think this bloody road would pave the way for you?" and "All I want to do is love everyone" 

Now, I have a hard time always being put on the spot when people ask me why any album I like is great and usually showing them several lines from lyrics can actually sum up an album. These songs are slower, they have soul but it does have its moments where it gets loud and you can hear that out of control guitar go off. But overall, in my opinion this is a soundtrack to his life; a soundtrack to many people and their own lives, memories, dreams, wishes and even their own thoughts.

 My favorite song from this album is called "So Real" Take a listen, like, love or hate tell me your thoughts. I'd love to hear what everyone else feels when hearing this dude pour his heart out. 

Jeff Buckley connects. 
His haunting voice makes you curious. It makes me wonder what the hell he loved so much to feel this intensely. It makes me wonder what he thought of all the time. It makes me wish that man was still with us to hear that legend haunt us with that gifted grace, that voice, and share some of that soul with his fans.

Top 5 Grace songs:
1. So Real
2. Mojo Pin
3. Grace
4. Dream Brother
5. Hallelujah

The man Jeff Buckley lives on!!
Enjoy /m\


  1. Adore!!!! Your written voice is impassioned and inspired!!! Keep reaching... Your dream is just a grasp away ��

  2. Dream brother. Lilac wine. My absolute favorites.