Thursday, August 7, 2014


Director: Jason Pine
From the moment I saw the link to the documentary, about which I am writing herein, I had some feeling in my gut tell me that this film is going to be major! 

To begin with, watching the two minute, thirty-five second introduction to “Desert Age” was, first off, a great reminder of how much the bands we adore at present evolved from those raw bands that once existed, and basically established the roots from which bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal and many others obtain their inspiration today.

Something majestic always starts from something that’s unplanned. Usually that something never gets enough recognition. It is a crucial thing, for fans and music lovers to see where it all begins. 

You can FEEL the soul in this footage. You can FEEL the core through this footage. A diehard passion for "desert stoner" rock is inherent from the foundation, right up through every, single aspect of this documentary about its creation, and the bands that were born from it. 

A little background on desert rock scene: its origins lie in Palm Desert, in southern California. Bands, such as Kyuss, began their journey in this scene. The typical questions that get asked of desert stoner rock are “What is it?”, “What does it mean?”, “What’s it all about?” Desert stoner rock has a rich presence of psychedelic hardcore rock, with a huge intermixing of blues. A perfect combination to feel “stuck in the desert.”  

The director of this film, Jason Pine, has involved some iconic men that were, and still are, a huge influence in this scene. Within that two minute footage, you see different segments with Fatso Jetson’s Mario Lalli, and Tony Tornay, as well as their take on what Palm Desert was like 20 years ago. You see Target 13, Uniform Choice’s Myke Bates, Dead Issue’s Herb Lienau, Kyuss’ Scott Reeder, and last, but not least, Nick Oliveri, who has been a huge part of the desert rock scene, as well as a part of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, The Desert Sessions with Josh Homme, and so many more. 


This film covers such depths, and one thing, above all, captures the vision of the director and his team. Voiced by Queens of the Stone Age founding member Alfredo Hernandez, one of the key aspects in the success of desert rock is the disregard for what everyone else wanted to come of it; it was all about their music, their vision, what they wanted to accomplish, and did. 

Who knew that these bands' passion for their music would lead to random gigs in the middle of the desert, and which would lead to something much bigger. I’m overwhelmed that this film is in the midst of creation. Like many films, there is a financial goal that needs to be met. 
The goal to see this film through to fulfillment is $10,000. 
I have included the link below, so everyone reading this whose lives have been touched by this movement in the world of music can follow the film's progress, and ensure that the story of what happened in the desert of southern California can be shared by all. Also, along with that, you will see the footage that has been captured thus far. 

Our goal, as fans, is to support.
We need to help, and spread the word. 
We need to donate! Even if it’s not a massive amount, it IS something. 
We need to talk about this film with our family and friends, and we need to share the trailer as frequently as possible to ensure that everyone jumps on the bandwagon. 

The link included helps explain the director , and his team's goals for this film. I hope I have opened some eyes with this entry and that many of you are now curious about this stunning project. 

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