Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lo Sound Desert Documentary

It’s safe to say that the proper way to begin this entry is with praise, and my expression of admiration for the phenomenal Joerg Steineck. 

Lo Sound Desert is on the verge of its release. It is an unforgettable documentary about the music scene in the California desert. Jeorg, the director of this upcoming film, is one of the most passionate human beings with whom I have had the pleasure of talking. I am so honored to have spoken to a fellow lover of this scene all the way from Berlin! 
Joerg Steineck

Steineck went on a ten year roller coaster ride to just make this documentary a reality. Let that marinate in your mind. 


When it comes to the music industry, especially regarding music journalists, that is called hardcore commitment in my book. 

When I read that, I immediately know that this film will change hearts. 
It will make you fall in love with the desert scene and dig into those bands that made this scene a sensation. 
It will move you. 
It will make you want to plan a trip to this mystical place.
It will make you pick up those headphones, and start a journey with the bands that have been inspired by the desert itself. 

I’m going to start with the core: The reason this music scene is even alive. And that is the desert itself. The California desert has been the foundation for many bands. Desert rock is in its entirety a different realm. And for countless musicians that was a major aspiration. 

To make this scene something else, something exotic and something true.   

It doesn't get more authentic than that. That is the way music should be. You see interviews with musicians like John Garcia, Josh Homme, Scott Reeder, Brant Bjork and many more that when they began to play, it was continually all about the desert. Its open space is immensely more than what you see at first glance. It actually is a satisfying fill of genius waiting to happen for so many artists find. 

And for those of you who are reading, I want you to actually experience this for yourself. Listen to Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, The Desert Sessions, Earthling?, Fatso Jetson and the list goes on. But you can almost hear the desert in the harmonies. 
It takes you there. 

desert rock family tree
You can’t talk about a desert rock film without including the men that were a part of Kyuss. Those men were the beginning of everything to come. Many went out and started other bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The Desert Sessions, Slo Burn, Brant Bjork, Vista Chino Yawning Man and more. Their independent projects developed additional enthusiasts.

It takes someone like Joerg to journey on for ten years to make his vision a reality. It is clear and it is said that the desert, its environment and what it stirs up in people is what builds the music and sparks the passion in multiple artists.This is the reason why desert rock strikes us as magnetic and significant. 

The music scene in the desert is flourishing, it's being recognized and I have no doubt that after this documentary it’ll become a sensation. People will uncover some depth and essence to these bands and the breathtaking landscape that is the desert. 

Friends, share this story with your fellow music lovers. Spread the word. 
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You have made us very proud Jeorg Steineck! 

Check out the trailer (link below) & fall in lust. 



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  1. just found the desert scene music..the IG pics are as beautiful as the to see that Rancho area someday..will check out the film in your post thanks :-)